My wife Tracy and I would like to introduce you to our ministry to rural area church leaders.  Church Leadership in Rural America is birthed out of our desire to see pastors and leaders have the opportunity to learn together about the awesome culture of rural America.

Tracy and I have been in ministry since 1983; all spent within a few miles of your church.  We spent a good portion of that time looking for someone or some ministry to speak into our ministry and life with words that represent the unique understanding of rural America.  We’ve read many of the same books you have attempting to learn leadership and growth.  While the truth was the same, we always found ourselves wondering how something that sounds so good could miss the rural mindset of the folks we regularly see in our churches.  Years of pastoral experience suggests that much of what we’ve read comes from the urban or “mega-church” setting. That setting is meeting the needs of many in ministry and missing the mark for many more – I was one of those.

Statistics tell us that more than 80% of church attendees go to a church like many of ours with attendance averaging 137.  Again, those same sources show us that the impact of those churches represents around 65 million Americans.  Conversely, the impact of churches with average attendance over 2000 is around 5 million.  Your place as leaders in rural America and the Body of Christ is so important, and in our opinion overlooked in materials and focus.

My wife and I would like to offer to you and your spouse a “rural leadership” focused ministry.  Details and a promotional video will be coming to this site soon.  Thank you for your interest!

Serving you in rural America,

Pastor Glen & Tracy Kline