CCLI SongSelect:
You should already be paying your CCLI license fee.  As an addon to that that fee, you can purchase a package called SongSelect. This site contains lyrics, guitar chords and 4-part hymn sheets for MOST of the music that CCLI licenses.  While this site is not free, the worship leader at New Life has found it to be indispensable for printing music for new songs (and even just changing keys for songs we already use).

OPEN by is one of the largest multi-site churches in the country. They have full-time graphic designers and video production folks.  Pastor Craig Groeschel had the vision to share resources and his team has created an incredibly useful website.  Everything that they have created is available free on their website. Graphics, illustration videos, complete video sermons and more.  You have to check out this site. We have even used Pastor Craig’s sermons in our adult Sunday School class before.

Want to play movie clips but you’re worried about proper licensing?  WingClips has done the work for you!  You can sign up for a free account and have LEGAL access to many movie clips. AND, they can be sorted by both movie title and subject of clip.  Have a sermon on forgiveness? Search forgiveness on WingClips and see several clips related to that topic.  Paid versions of the service provide higher quality video, but we’ve been happy with the free service.

Projector Background Images
There are literally countless ways to find background images to use for your worship or sermons. A simple google search of “free church backgrounds” will yield thousands of results. The sites constantly change and many pay sites offer a free image of the month. We won’t post a specific link here because they change so often. One tip though; make sure that the images you find can be legally displayed. Legitimate sites will either directly tell you that you have the rights to a graphic, or they will put their copyright in the image. There are also groups on that are devoted to worship backgrounds.